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Poszłam z psem na wycieczkę, w jedną stronę ok.5km. Lili stojąc w wodzie zobaczyła kaczkę, a ja już widziałam jak lecę do wody, na szczęście udało mi się wyhamować i do wody nie wpadłam, zostało mi trochę błota na spodniach. 😂 Po takiej wyprawie obie padłyśmy ze zmęczenia. 😄 walk doginforest dogwalk adoptdontshop walking doginwater sunday dogtrekking spacerzpsem spacer wycieczka piese pieskiezycie

Took the eager lad out that is Tiger this morning! A lovely boy, needed a quick pit stop before speeding off again! 💨 cardiffdogshome adoptdontshop dogwalking rescuedog

Franco Harris loves to support rescues! He knows how lucky he was to be rescued from the streets of Bellwood as a puppy and then be adopted. He wants the same for every dog out there! 🐶⭐️ pitbull americanbulldog rescue foster adoptdontshop bullylife bullylove dontbullymybreed pitbullmom pitbulladvocate francoharris coffee sundayfunday

The Goose Poop Chronicles, Part 2: The Reckoning Swipe to see me running around like an absolute madman after evil mom gave me a bath adoptdontshop rescuedogsofinstagram evilmom banthebath bathsshouldbeillegal ialmostdied butnotreally

Are you ready for some football? 🏈 . My mom says I’m a cheesehead too and I don’t know what that means, but I know I LOVE anything to do with cheese! 🧀 . kuwaitdesertdog maddogmattis puppy cute dogoftheday puppyoftheday bordercolliesofinstagram rescuedogsofinstagram handsomeboy goodboysclub adoptdontshop sundog sundayfootball greenbaypackers

The 4 stages of post walk feels ! walktime dabubs cutiebear

🇸🇬 ^-ᴥ-^ & ^•ᴥ•^ & ^~ᴥ~^ & ^oᴥo^ :: :: 15 September 2019 :: :: :: :: Camping? :: :: cat cats catsofinstagram catsofig catstagram instacat #咪  #ネコ neko catoftheday catsofsingapore singapore singaporecats catsg sgcats blackcat adoptdontshop catlove catsofworld prettycat gingercat domesticcat ginger meowbox Credit:

My famjam then and now - I’m the little one in the front right at the bottom and front/centre on top NemoPups adoptdontshop thankyourescuers @saveapotcakeottawa

how to get in the center of a group picture... CATCH THEIR ATTENTION 😉💥😄 . . . kleinemaggie rescuedog rescuedandloved goodtimeswithmaggie adoptdontshop pupsofinstagram irresistible justincase 🧡

What’s taking you so long?!? We want our breakfast NOW. hungry loud fosterkittens breakfast morningroutine adoptdontshop

🌞Buenos Dias, señorita.🕶I'm just going to have a siesta before the fiesta!👒

Repost @pupstarzrescue with @get_repost ・・・ SAFE!!!! We received an urgent call that a Yorkiepoo was in need of rescuing- and could not say no the moment we saw her photos & read her story. ❤️JASMINE❤️ has painful lesions all over her tiny body (due to an untreated autoimmune disease), is extremely underweight (7lbs and should probably be 15lbs), needs daily meds and lots of TLC! We keep a t-shirt on her during walks because people tend to stare (she has a lot of open 'wounds' on her body & 75% of her hair missing). Despite all she's been through, Jasmine is the gentlest little angel😇 She is trusting humans more & more each day. Woohoo! This girl deserves all that life has to offer! Please consider donating towards her care🙏 Check her out in today's stories (and SWIPE UP on her photos to read more about her and/or to donate)🐶 Jasmine says, "Thank you!" in advance😍 Foster: @sorrycharlie3 ___________________________________________ dogsofinstagram dogs dogsofnyc rescuedogs rescuedogsofnyc rescue adoptdontshop adopt ilovemydog donate foster yorkiepoo yorkiepoosofinstagram nycdogs thedodo

Before you get a dog , you can’t quite imagine what living with one might be like; afterward, you can’t imagine living any other way.” – Caroline Knapp • dogsofinstagram sundayfunday gameday smile fetch whosagoodboy whosagooddog oldmancooper happy doglife #🐶 adoptdontshop rescueismyfavoritebreed whoreallyrescuedwho throwtheball

If you’ve never been to Dog Mountain, I highly recommend it, especially with foliage season about to take off. If your dog has good recall, it’s a great opportunity to let him have an adventure. And if you need a good cry, there’s the Dog Chapel. . . . . . . . dogmountain vtpets dogsofvt vtdogs heartdog loveyouforever shadowingalfred bestdogever redtickhound rescuedoglife adoptdontshop redtickcoonhound coonhoundsofinstagram houndlife caninelymphomasucks caninecancersucks dogismycopilot

Resto Warung Komando di Sahardjo ini care sm kucing. Gw udah bbrp kali makan disini dan kucing2 disini dirawat sm mas2 dan mba2 disini. 😘😘 warungkomando sahardjo tebet review adoptdontshop savestraycats

I just want to drink my coffee, my pony has other ideas 🙇‍♂️

Posted @withrepost • @bullies2therescue ⭐️ADOPT SPIKE⭐️ Sometimes looks aren’t deceiving. See that quizzically raised eyebrow on the white side of Spike’s face? The one that makes it look like he’s smarter than you and looking doubtful at something you just said? Yeah, probably true. This guy is next level smart and it has totally been to his benefit. For instance, Spike really did not like getting eyedrops or other treatments. After 2 weeks of being shown a treat before each eyedrop and ear cleaning session, he is totally on board and seems to know it will make him feel beter! Equally, Spike didn’t like going to the vets, or pet stores, (though he is fine around other animals, as long as they accept him being dominant). Well, after repeated daily visits to the pet store during which he gets a treat and new toy, he’s now walking confidently through the store, and guiding foster mom to his favorite sections (good thing, too, because next to getting a toy, he loves tearing one up!) He’s very curious and smart - and enjoys puzzles for treats! You may find it less enchanting that he’s figured out how to open every dog gate that he’s been left behind, but the good news is he has no interest in destroying or marking on anything—he just wants to be free! And then go take a nap on your bed. His cute nubby tail wiggles a mile a minute when he sees you, and he’s always happy to see you, or a buddy in the house! 🥰 Please note—the first step in adopting is to submit an application through our website at! Please be patient as we get back to you within a few weeks: we’re an all volunteer organization! Once you are an approved adopter, we can answer further questions and help you find the perfect fit. bullies2therescue spike adoptspike rescue adoptable charlottenc bulldogrescue b2tr adoptdontshop bullienation englishbulldog

Sweet dreams are made of this..

🚨 FUNDTIER NECKARSULM KOLPINGSTRASSE 🚨 👉 WER KENNT DIESE KATZE? Ein rücksichtsloser Autofahrer ist dieser kleinen Maus über den Schwanz gefahren in der KOLPINGSTRASSE in Neckarsulm. Teammitglieder sammelten die Kleine ein und bringen sie nun in das AniCura Kleintierzentrum Heilbronn. Wenn jemand die Besitzer kennt, gerne melden. Auch hier wieder: weder Chip noch Tattoo! So können wir die Besitzer werden finden noch verständigen. Wir danken auch der Melderin, die den Autofahrer darauf angesprochen hat! Sehr mutig und selbstlos! An die 3 Männer in dem PKW: schämt euch! Schämt euch auch nachdem man euch dafür anspricht einfach weiter zu fahren! •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• IHR WOLLT UNS UNTERSTÜTZEN? So könnt ihr helfen: 1. Paypal direkt: 2. Einzahlung in unseren Moneypool: 3. direkt per Amazon-Wunschliste Futter und Streu an die Pflegestelle senden lassen: 4. Futterspenden direkt beim Verein abgeben 5. eine Spende überweisen auf unser Vereinskonto: Volksbank Heilbronn IBAN: DE05 6209 0100 0438 0750 56 Wir und die Tiere danken es euch! Danke, dass ihr Tieren eure Stimme gebt! ♥️ ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• grenzenlosetierhilfe tierschutzverein neckarsulm adoptdontshop loveanimals tierhilfe animals grenzenlos animalaid saveanimals pets tierschutz liebe tierliebe selbstlos adoptierenstattkaufen tiere animalrights hundeleben katzenleben kastration ehrenamt tiere katze kater hund meerschweinchen grenzenlos foodsharing

Ngorder kame bago gas, syempre si Kuya Gas need nya connect yung bago tangke. Yung 3 kung makahusga kay Kuya Gas wagas 😂 sinundan ng mga mata simula kusina hanggang matapos at makalabas na si Kuya Gas ng pinto 🤣 @thehungrysyrianwanderer . . . . caturday funnycat caturday catsofinstagram catstagram beardsandcats catsofworld catoftheday catdadsworldwide adoptdontshop catdaddy guyswithcats catkneading cats_of_instagram cattreats cat  happycats rescuedcat catselfie cutestcatever puspin happycats siblings catlovers catloversclub catlove  catsiblings

Sunday morning walks are the best because it’s just me, my mummy and my cousin Ash 🐾 rescuedog rescuedogsofinsta rescuedogsofinstagram adoptdontshop puggle pugglerescue

After all it’s Sunday Funday 😹 have fun furrends🐾

Ahti, Kemin kuningas, Rovaniemen valloittaja 🦁🤴🐱. Näin muutaman hänen korkeutensa tittelin mainitakseni. . . . kingofeverything catsofinstagram rescuecat adoptdontshop cat merilapinelinsuojeluyhdistys handsome kittycat kissanelmää sunny portraitphotography

Dexy has the lap. Cricket covets the lap.

greekstraycats greekstray adoptastray athenscats adoptastraycat catsfromgreece athenscats lookingforhome helpagreekstray saveastrayfromgreece catadoption catsofinstagram kittensofinstagram adoptdontshop lifopets cat_rescue_athens #γάτος #αδέσποτα #αδεσποτακι #γατακι #γατούλης catfriends catsofathens open_cra_cages tierschutzkatze tierschutzkatzen katzensucheneinzuhause - scroll for English- "Γλυκιά Άρια, ήρθε η ώρα να πας και εσύ στον κόσμο των ανθρώπων" της είπε η σοφή μάγισσα γάτα εκείνη την ημέρα... "Είναι πολύ δύσκολη η ζωή στον κόσμο αυτό και χρειάζεται να προσέχεις πολύ. Να μην εμπιστεύεσαι,να κρύβεσαι,να προστατεύεις τον εαυτό σου από όλα αυτά τα ανθρώπινα που δεν καταλαβαίνεις. Θα σου κάνω όμως ένα δώρο πριν πας. Θα σε ντύσω με ασημόσκονη. Ίσως η σκόνη αυτή να σε βοηθήσει, ίσως να κάνει τα πράγματα πιο εύκολα. Κάποιες φορές η ασημόσκονη αυτή κάνει τους ανθρώπους να σε προσέξουν. Και αν σε προσέξουν τότε τα πράγματα θα είναι εύκολα για σένα. Γιατί αποκλείεται να μη σε αγαπήσουν..." Η γλυκιά μας Άρια είναι μια γάτα αδέσποτη. Περιμένει καρτερικά στον κήπο κάθε μέρα κάποιον να της μιλήσει για να αρχίσει να κάνει τα πατουσια της. Ελπίζουμε να μην μείνει αδέσποτη για πάντα. Ελπίζουμε με την αγγελία αυτή να βρει σύντομα ένα σπίτι. "Sweet Arya,the time has come for you to go to the world of men" the wise cat witch told her that day. Our sweet Arya is a stray cat. Everyday she waits patiently in the garden for someone to talk to her so she can start pawing. We're hoping she won't remain stray forever. We're hoping this ad will help her find a home soon. Αν ενδιαφέρεστε για υιοθεσία παρακαλούμε στείλτε μήνυμα στην σελίδα μας. If you would like to adopt please pm our page.

A Sunday well spent, brings a week of content! 🤓

Water girl Chai showing Harley how classy skinny dipping is done..Harley went deeper into da water and tried to lay down and was confused when da water got up to her neck🤦‍♀️ . . . littlechaibug harleyworm retiredracer greyhound greyhoundlove theinstagreyhound sighthoundsofinstagram greyhoundsofinstagram adoptdontshop adoptagreyhound 45mphcouchpotato needlenose atreatforwallie greyhoundsaspets

دانشمندان سیاه چاله جدیدی کشف کرده‌اند که جاذبه خیلی زیادی دارد و هر نوع جایزه های خوراکی و خرده غذا های روی زمین افتاده را در خود می بلعد. 😁😁😁. ‎#واگذاری_سگ #حمایت_از_حیوانات #توله_سگ #حیوانات_بی_سرپرست #حیوانات_حق_زندگی_دارند_دقیقا_مثل_انسانها #حیوانات_را_دوست_بداریم #عشق ‎ #انسانیت #معرفت dogsofinstagram rescuedogsofinstagram rescuedog rescueismyfavoritebreed puppy woofywishes dogs iraniandogs iranianrescuedogs dogrescue puppymill cutedogs adoptdontshop tripawdsofinstagram straydogs disabledog animalcruelty animalabuse animalrights abandoneddog injureddog

We‘re starting to gather supplies in order to get the ranch ready for winter. This week we got a sand delivery. Bugle seems to think it’s also a useful play area. Hopefully she doesn’t decide it’s also a useful poop area before we have a chance to disperse it. 😬. . . . . . . . [VideoDescription: A black cat is rolling around on a mound of sand. ] . . blackcatsofinstagram sandmountain adoptdontshop workingcats barncats fakeferal farmrescue winterprep sanctuarylife winteriscoming

When you fit in the palm of your foster momma’s hand. 🤗🥰 LuigiStrong LuigiTheBoston LuigiTheBostonTerrier adoptdontshop midwestbostonterrierrescue

Love that this bed makes me look SO small! (Yes I’ve also taken over Frosty’s pink plush bed. It’s super comfy!) comfy plush • • • uno oneeyecat piratecat tabby kitty signoruno meow meowdel adoptdontshop cat cutie handsomecat looksslim actuallyfat

Déjà un an... - Un an que tu es à la maison. Un an que je suis venue te chercher, avec la peur au ventre mais l'envie de bien faire, avec de l'amour à donner à l'infini, sans savoir comment faire. Mon premier chien. Mon roumain. Mon petit renard polaire. Que d'aventures pendant cette année écoulée. Que de progrès, de premières fois, de moments merveilleux, de découvertes, de rêves, et d'amour. Je suis tellement, tellement, tellement fière. De toi. De nous. De ta relation avec Mimolette. De notre vie. De ce qu'on est capable de devenir ensemble. Il y a aussi eu des moments plus difficiles. Des peurs, des angoisses, des traumatismes ancrés, des incompréhensions, des réactions soudaines et incontrôlables, des inquiétudes, des tensions. Mais tout cela, ça fait aussi partie de l'aventure, de l'adoption, et ça permet de se remettre en question. Avec la volonté de toujours faire mieux. Je suis tellement heureuse de t'avoir dans ma vie. Et j'espère savoir te rendre encore plus heureux que ça. Merci pour tout mon petit cœur, mon citron d'amour 🍋❤️ - dog lemon lemonle🍋 rescuedog rescue romaniandog adventure adoption adoptdontshop adopteddog dogsofinstagram

Say hi to the two newest additions to the household! Whiskers (tuxedo short haired male) and Cutie (black long haired male) came from a family that could no longer keep them. Whiskers is very friendly, but Cutie is still very shy. Welcome home! cat cats cute cutecats cutecat kitty kitties adoptdontshop catsofinstagram catstagram tuxedocat blackcat

🇸🇬 ^-ᴥ-^ & ^•ᴥ•^ & ^~ᴥ~^ & ^oᴥo^ :: :: 15 September 2019 :: :: :: :: This pillow is comfy :: :: cat cats catsofinstagram catsofig catstagram instacat #咪  #ネコ neko catoftheday catsofsingapore singapore singaporecats catsg sgcats blackcat adoptdontshop catlove catsofworld prettycat gingercat domesticcat ginger meowbox Credit:

A tad bit late but this our friday the 13th entry....Jon Cena planning world domination 🐱 joncena_the_omani_cat blacktabby blackcats catzalonia cats cat catsofinstagram catsofinstagram catsforadoption cats_for_adoption adoptdontshop kitten kittensofinstagram kittenplayarea omani oman arabian_mau rescue #قط #قطط_عمانية #قطط_للتبني #قط_عماني #جون_سينا #سنور #قطو #بس #هرة #كديسة

Behind me is where the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were signed 🐾📜🎩

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